Short All Age Worship Service Scripts:

These short All-Age worship service Scripts are designed to last about half an hour. They are designed for Missional situations rather than full church family worship.

The services are written “as a whole” so that the talks, music, prayers, puppet scripts, dramas and links all flow towards a common purpose – be that to teach or challenge or inspire.

The scripts include music suggestions to suit a variety of church styles. When songs or hymns are used with a number of verses, it is worth cutting out any verses that are not totally necessary. Songs and hymn sheet music can be purchased at the following website:

What you need:

These services will work best if you have access to screens and a data projector. I have not provided PowerPoint files as copyright issues with graphic files can be complicated, but I do suggest that for each teaching point made during a service that a picture is projected with a few words (the fewer words the better – keep it very succinct). Pictures can be easily found with a Google image search, and it makes a big difference to both children and adults if they have something visual to see to go alongside the teaching point. If a picture can be found to illustrate the key teaching point of a service and is used on all the slides, this will again reinforce the teaching. In most buildings the best colour for projecting words will be white on a dark background.

Many of the services have Drama & Puppet scripts incorporated – but alternatives such as YouTube video clips are given where possible.

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Further Advice

I can provide further advice by email or lead seminars for your All-Age Worship Team.