Drama Scripts

A simple Dramatic presentation can bring Jesus’ story telling style of teaching to life. These scripts are provided with full permission for public performance provided you are not charging for admission or making a film which will be distributed. If you do want to use them at an event where people pay for admission or to record them please contact us to discuss details.

What you need:

  • A small team who have some dramatic gifting, a desire to serve and some time to learn their lines.
  • For the best impact it is important that the drama and the teaching are integrated – so make sure that the drama team and the preacher are working together. Eg. Don’t change lines without talking with each other first.
  • Good sound quality is essential. There is nothing more frustrating than a well-rehearsed and performed drama that half the church cannot hear. Provision of sufficient radio microphones is usually the best solution. If you need to use fixed microphones then teach the actors how to use them properly (eg. different microphones require the speaker to be at different distances) and stage the actors positions so that they can deliver their lines when they are by the microphone…..obvious, but so often forgotten.
  • Be aware of the lines of sight in your church. Eg. Falling to the floor may be an appropriate way to express worship on a stage – but if you cannot be seen by most of the congregation you will need to find another way of acting the part.
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Further Advice

I can provide further advice by email or lead seminars for your All-Age Worship Team.