About us

Jane headI have been in full time Christian ministry for over twenty seven years and have been an ordained Anglican minister for nineteen years; currently serving a church in Rugby. I am passionate about enabling people of all ages to worship, learn from the Bible, pray together and grow in their love for Jesus.

The resources you find on this website have mostly been “tried and tested” in one of the churches where I have served. For many years friends have asked me to make the All-Age worship materials I have written available to a wider audience. This website is my attempt to do that.  New resources are being added regularly.

I am making all of the resources available for free, however if you are able to contribute towards the cost of those you use, please do use the donate button. This is how I make my living.

If you or your team would like some help in developing your All Age Worship Services, I can also provide seminars.

I hope you find the resources useful and fruitful. Do contact me if you have any questions, comments or requests.

Revd. Jane Hulme
Rugby, UK