All Age Worship Resources

Our purpose is to provide Christian Churches with high quality resources to enable all ages to worship, learn from the Bible and pray together so that each person grows in their faith.

  • All-Age Services: Full scripts for All-Age Worship services lasting about 55 minutes. Includes talks, drama scripts, puppet scripts, film ideas, prayer ideas, music suggestions etc.
  • Short All-Age Services: Shorter scripts for All-Age Worship services lasting about half an hour.
  • Seasonal All-Age Services: Services for specific points in the church’s year.
  • Short Talks: Scripts for three to five minute All-Age talks. Typically used in church services before children and young people leave for their own age group teaching. Lectionary based talks now being regularly added.
  • Puppet Scripts: Dialogue based scripts to teach biblical truth in a humorous and accessible way.
  • Drama Scripts: For use in a variety of worship settings.
  • Prayer Stations: Full scripts for interactive multi-sensory prayer stations.
  • Praying Together: Resources for praying with groups of people.
  • Personal Prayer: Resources for personal prayer.
  • Seminars: Tailor made seminars to enable your leadership team to produce  All-Age Worship services yourselves.

To browse the resources and see examples click on the buttons above or use the resources menu. For a thematic index of resources, click here. Or, try the search bar above using key words for what you are looking for.AAWR logo banner no background png

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